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⭐️ lacaille/ezra
⭐️ 29, ∅ (he/they), pisces & infp, if that sort of thing interests you
⭐️ writer (hobby & career)
⭐️ on discord @ lacaille#5211 (please don't message if under 18, i'm old)
⭐️ likes: my fiancee!, astronomy, my ocs, mobile games, true crime, crappy reality tv shows, etc.
⭐️ fandoms: promare, dragalia lost, twewy, hello charlotte, houseki no kuni, dangan ronpa, animal crossing
⭐️ feel free to follow and/or unfollow whenever, i won't mind
⭐️ the art on the front page is of an oc of mine, drawn by LUAQ on DA
⭐️ have a nice day! be kind to yourself & others!!